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Why You Need a Professional Electrician

As ubiquitous as electricity is, many are still unfamiliar with it. Unfortunately, it is also something many would like to believe they can handle. It is when someone tries to act macho that a simple light bulb change can lead to a visit to the emergency room or from the fire department.


In Australia, 14% of electrical injuries that require hospitalisations can occur at home. In New South Wales, which consumes 25% of Australia’s electricity, 40% of residential fires are due to electrical problems.

New South Wales, in particular, consumes 25% of Australia’s electricity. And in a highly urban city like Sydney, this electrical consumption can translate to an average electric bill of $1,627. You do not want to add hospital bills and fires to your next electrical bill. Thus, when you experience an electrical problem, it is a good idea to go for a Sydney electrician. 

Electricity is No Joke

Between 2000 and 2011, 321 died from electrocutions. Around 62% of these deaths were accidents. Electrical appliances accounted for 16.6% while direct contact with electrical wires accounted for 11.6% of these fatal electrocutions. Other scenarios involved power tools, lights, and generators. More than 48% of these deaths occurred at home while more than 27% occurred in industrial, construction, and commercial areas. Of all the states, New South Wales had the highest frequency.

Whether your electrical problem is as simple as flickering lights, or as severe as burnt wires, you can stay away from worse if you call a professional Sydney electrical to handle the problem for you. 

What Qualifies Electricians

Some people view electricians as simple blue-collar work. However, when your work involves keeping the lights on, the refrigerators cold, the stoves and ovens hot, and the computers operating, there is nothing simple about that.

For starters, you probably need professional help because you skimmed through your electrical classes in physics or electronics. Electricians undergo comprehensive training on the concepts of electricity and the laws that govern it. They equally undergo extensive hands-on training with tools, wires, safety protocols, calibration and testing, and repairs. The environments in which electricians can work range from residential, industrial, construction, and commercial, and telecommunications areas.

In addition to these technical skills, electricians also develop an aptitude for soft skills that include mechanics, investigation, troubleshooting, and, of course, customer service. Thus, if you get the help of a professional Sydney electrician, you will be in safe hands. 

When to Call an Electrician

Scrambling to call your nearest Sydney electrician when your phone charger is not working may be overkill. However, as statistics show, there are also plenty of cases that call for professionals. Abrupt signs such as overheating, blackening, the unmistakable burnt smell, or sparks flying, are high on the list for getting professional help.

When you plug or turn on something and all other appliances suddenly weakened, that may be a sign of overloading and calls for immediate action. Emergencies such as a malfunctioning oven when you have an upcoming party also qualify.

There are also subtle and gradual signs, such as continual dimming or flickering of lights, circuit breakers frequently tripping, corrosion, and even just very old wiring also require professional help.

When you are lost, you ask for directions. Similarly, when you have electrical problems, you call a professional. You can save yourself a lot more trouble and money if you opt for the service of your skilled and Sydney electrician.

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