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What Is Vue And Why We Should Be Using It?

Being the developers at Front-end, one does for the most part select the most suitable technology for every project for improving how one writes and organizes the code. Therefore, the main aim of this blog is to learn about Vue and the reasons for using it. This can help in quickly developing a single page application that is easy to maintain while making use of components that have reactive features like reactive interfaces or related to data binding.

Vue Benefits

Vue.Js: What Is It?

Vue can be called a progressive framework that is mainly used for user interface building. Unlike some of the other monolithic frameworks, it has been designed from the basic for being extremely adaptable. The main library has also been focused on viewing only and can be easily picked up and integrated with existing projects or other libraries. Then there is another side where Vue is capable perfectly of powering the complex Single page application with the use of supporting libraries and modern tooling and combining the two.

Why should we be using Vue.js?

Modularization of the library with the use of the framework is a common phenomenon for frontend development. Both Angular and React have modularization.

But the thing that makes Vue different is that it provides:

  1. “High decoupling”.
  2. Ease of extending functionalities.
  3. How all components work when the modules get included.

For instance, if we are looking forward to organizing and rendering the small components, we just require the core library of Vue.js. There is no need for an additional library. When the application grows through the use of Vue templates, some libraries will manage the routes like “Vue-Router”, there will be some for managing the global state like “Vuex” and there can be others for building the responsive web application like “Bootstrap-Vue”. Additionally, in case the application does need optimization or requires better SEO one can also make use of “Vue-Server-Rendering”.

How Does The System Of Vue Work?

The component system of Vue.js is reactive. This means that Vue.js can understand the way communication must occur via asynchronous events. For instance, a small component can easily communicate with the parent component through different events.

Also, in Vue.js there will be no friction occurring with other resources and libraries. In simple words, one can make use of the tools that they are individually comfortable in working with. For example, one can write in only JavaScript and HTML or one can also add JSX, TypeScript, or CSS if they want. There is also a command-line that’s special to Vue and is created over Node JS. The tool is going to allow an individual for starting the projects making use of base templates or boilerplate.


And this is all; one can use Vue.js API that has been created specifically for SPA (Single Page Application) that also automatically updates views depending on the data object change of Vue. This completes the basics of Vue and the way it can help the developers.

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