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Things to Know About Getting Braces

So you recently had a dental appointment and found out you needed braces. To some, this idea can be exciting, while to others, it can be dreadful. Whatever you may be feeling, getting braces will be a new experience for anybody, and thus requires an adjustment period.

Things to Know About Getting Braces

Though the idea of having a better smile and tooth alignment has already gotten you convinced, it’s natural to have some apprehensions about the procedure. Pain levels, treatment duration, and maintenance–these are only some of the common concerns that first-time patients may have.

While there is no particular age requirement for the procedure, you may have noticed that teens are often the age group with the highest chance of having braces. Indeed, getting braces for teens is extremely common since this is the period when your permanent teeth are starting to grow. As such, it is often considered the best time for braces, so your teeth can transition into a beautiful and straight smile.

With that said, here are some things to know about getting braces to better prepare you for what is to come. You will certainly need to take some time to adjust to the feeling of having them, but once the procedure is finished, you will be satisfied with the results.

It is Uncomfortable at First

Getting braces for teens can be a long and uncomfortable procedure, and you should expect some discomfort when you first leave the dentist’s office. This feeling is natural since you are not used to having the braces inside your mouth, and your teeth are moving to their proper alignment.

Fortunately, most of the discomfort only occurs in the first few weeks, and after this period, the braces will feel “normal.” With that said, people can have varying levels of pain tolerance, so consult with your dentist if you feel like you are experiencing more pain than usual.

Check With Your Dentist Regularly

Getting braces is a long-term treatment plan that requires you to check up with your dentist from time to time. Depending on what you have discussed, you will most likely need to come back every week or month to ensure your teeth are moving correctly. At some time, your dentist may also make some modifications or additions depending on the progress of your teeth.

Cleaning Your Teeth Will be Challenging

Without a doubt, having braces will make it challenging to brush or floss your teeth since there seems to be a barricade stopping you from reaching the inner crevices. This means that you will need to take more time cleaning your teeth to ensure it stays healthy. Your dentist can also help keep your teeth clean through your regular dental appointments.

You May Get Cuts and Canker Sores

Braces may push your lips out a bit since they are quite bulky, and sometimes, the brackets may cause lip cuts or canker sores. Thus, make sure you always have wax ready to protect your mouth from getting these. Most likely, you will find yourself applying wax more often at the start of the treatment since the braces still feel uncomfortable. Every person who has had braces in their life can attest to how orthodontic wax becomes a life-saver.

Nowadays, more and more teens are turning to clear braces for aesthetic reasons. Modern-day treatments have made it possible to achieve the same benefits without requiring the traditional wire brackets. Whatever treatment you choose, know that getting braces will come with challenges, but the results are worth it.

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