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Snapchat Launches “Bitmoji TV” Show Starring Animated Avatars Of Users

The new “Bitmoji TV” by Snap might represent the start of a new wave of customized entertainment or it might be just a one-time thing.

Either way, Bitmoji and Snapchat consumers are bound to be amused and happy with the animated series, which presents their own and those of their friends’ Bitmoji avatars. The first season will show 10 episodes that air on Snapchat every Saturday mornings beginning from this February 2020.

Snapchat Launches Bitmoji TV

“Bitmoji TV” is a parody of movie and TV genres. In the first episode, you are competing for the “America’s Best Bitmoji” title in front of a series of judges that comprise Randy Jackson. The next two are “Spy Squad” and “Mime Cops.” Next episodes will show guest appearances by comedians comprising Jon Lovitz, Andy Richter, and Riki Lindhome.

“It is the return of cartoons during Saturday morning,” claimed the creator, writer, and director of “Bitmoji TV” and Bitmoji’s CEO/co-founder, Ba Blackstock, to the media in an interview.

Blackstock claimed that he has been operating on the idea for a customized TV series for more than 10 years. “To make it a completely animated series is the peak of this insane expedition,” he claimed. “It is a completely new format of entertainment that we have launched.”

“Bitmoji TV” needs Snapchat consumers to have a connected Bitmoji account. Every person’s edition of the series will be different; the animation is dynamically rendered, so if you upgrade your Bitmoji with, for example, a new wardrobe that will be seen in the next episode you see. The storyline and script stay the same for everybody, though.

To view Bitmoji TV, Snapchat consumers can visit the official link and see the series on the Discover content menu. Users can sign up for the show to get notifications for the latest episodes, each of which runs about 4 minutes.

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