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Promote Safety and Security with Bollards

The safety and security of pedestrians and properties are a must to prevent accidents. A bollard is a solid vertical post designed to provide protection from vehicle-ramming incidents and to control road traffic. The post can be position on parking lots or sidewalks and may also serve as a barricade.

There are many uses for bollards aside from offering safety. The type of markers you use depends on your purpose for installing such a post.


Types of Bollards:

Understanding the various types of posts and their applications will give you an indication of which one you will use. Every sort of marker has a specific function.

  • Removable Bollards

This bollard can be used to block vehicle entry, and also for delineation. The adjustable marker is perfect for individuals that are looking for versatility in their posts. It mostly serves as a guide for vehicles for parking and eases traffic flow during events. Once it has served its purpose, you can just remove them.

The design of this marker is usually square and lightweight material. They are retractable, so you can easily fold them down and keep it somewhere safe until you need to use it again.

  • Permanent Bollards

This bollard is often used as permanent barricades. It prohibits vehicles from trying to pass through a private space. The use of this marker provides protection on sharp bends in the road as well as outdoor patios beside a roadway.

This type of permanent marker is made of steel and concrete. It has high impact protection intended to avoid a car from smashing into them. This bollard is commonly used as a protection and security post and is inserted in the ground and lined with cement.

  • Retractable Bollards

These bollards can be manually controlled, depending on the purpose that you want the marker to serve. It is a type of anti-ram post that limits the access of vehicles for both entry and exit points. If you need to prohibit vehicle entry, this marker can be raised from the ground, then retracts back if you wish vehicles to pass through.

The cost of having this type of marker constructed can be cheap or expensive. The less costly ones usually require manual intervention, while the expensive posts require automatic methods and are powered mostly by hydraulic.

  • Flexible Bollards

Flexible bollard is for the delineation of the lane. They are highly visible, and they bend towards impact. It is designed to minimise the damage to the vehicle after getting hit. Upon impact, it pops right back up once the vehicle moves away. It is often low-impact resistance and does not provide heavy protection to slow down or stop a car from crashing.

  • Decorative Bollards

Traditionally, bollards have a serious-looking design that serves as a visual deterrent. Over the years, its design varies according to the modern architectural style. It comes in various lengths, colours, width, materials, and designs. It can serve to provide light along pedestrian pathways. It is also designed to match modern landscapes, while at the same time afford safety and security.

Bollards are specifically designed as a visual deterrent while offering protection on pedestrians, vehicles, and establishment. Depending on your preference, the marker is made of different materials, from cast iron, plastic, and concrete. They also do not require high-maintenance and is designed for sustainability.

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