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NBA Jerseys: Spotting Fakes, Getting the Authentic

Not all men are fans of tank tops. But because basketball is also an indoor sport, both guys and girls can have no qualms about sporting their unique uniforms. Of course, it would be great if you can put on official NBA jerseys.

Putting them on isn’t just about bragging rights. Having an official National Basketball Association uniform is a chance to represent your favourite teams, but the big challenge in that is finding authentic NBA jerseys.

The information in this guide will help you spot the fakes. When you look up basketball jerseys from different stores, you will know which sellers are legit and which ones aren’t.

NBA Jerseys

Know the Official Outfitter

One of the first things that you should know is the official outfitter of the NBA. Here are some crucial details to consider.

Since the start of the 2017 to 2018 season, the basketball league’s official outfitter became Nike. They replaced Adidas who used to be the producer of all NBA jerseys for 11 years. Adidas replaced Reebok in 2006.

That means if the jerseys that are sold by a store still have the Adidas logos (or maybe even Reebok), then you will know that these are old stocks and aren’t current. Make sure to check the label on the basketball jerseys and they should have that signature checkmark.

Logos to Look Out For

Now that we know that Nike is currently the official outfitter of the NBA, well that means the authentic jersey should have Nike’s logo on it. You should see the familiar checkmark logo near the right shoulder of the jersey.

However, there are jerseys this season that don’t sport the Nike logo, like the one for the Charlotte Hornets for instance. Depending on the team, you may also see the NBA logo on the upper right or left front portion of the jersey.

Sometimes, you will see a charity logo there or maybe the team’s major sponsor. For instance, the official jersey for the Milwaukee Bucks will have the Nike logo on the top right and the Harley Davidson logo on the opposite side.

However, in most cases, you’ll just find the Nike logo, the team’s name, and the player’s number on the front of the jersey.

Check the Sizes

Before you buy NBA jerseys, you should also check the sizing of these clothing. The authentic ones usually have their sizes as follows:

  • 44 or medium (smallest size out there)
  • 48 or large
  • 52 or extra large
  • 56 or XXL size
  • XXXL size or 60

You will see either the numeric sizing or the descriptive one. You might also see base sizes. That means you will see numeric sizes on official jerseys anywhere from size 46 to 58.

Swingman Jerseys

One of the most popular NBA jerseys that you will find out there is the swingman jersey. These are great for fans that want to own an official basketball jersey of the NBA but don’t have the budget for the really expensive ones.

Swingman jerseys are usually sold around $100. The more expensive jerseys will cost you anywhere from $300 and higher.

Check for Reviews

You should also check the reviews of the store before you place your order. See what the customers are saying. Avid fans who have purchased items from that store will be sure to comment on the quality of the merchandise.


Make sure to check the quality of the mesh body, the twill logos, numbers, and names on the jersey, and the name and year ID patch as well. These are the details you need to check to make sure you’re getting an authentic jersey of the NBA.

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