MX Player Codec Download [AC3, MLP DTS Many More Files] (2019-Updtaed)

MX Player Codec

MX Player Codec: MX Player is one of the top media players in market to play any video to any time. Also you can play any video with sound and best video quality. Many people use this player but new updates are developers to removed MX Player Codec from the app that is best thing for you.

However, after remove you not play AC3, DTS, MLP and many more on MX Player. But don’t worries you are download “MX Player Codec” files here. I give you many MX player codec files in this article also you just click and download the files. And also you see this article for how to install MX Player Codec File in your Player. I explain Steps by Steps. Also you can use MX player latest version.

Best Things Follow You to Download MX Player Codec File

  • First, you check your version to Settings >> Decoder >> General on Custom Codec tab it.
  • After, you Download the you need.
  • Then, you back to Settings >> Decoder >> General and tap the Custom Codec tab.
  • After, choose version you downloaded.
  • Done.

MX Player Custom Codec Zip Files

However, you download MX Player Codec Zip Files latest update- 2019.

MX Player Custom Codec APK Files

How to Install MX Player Codec File

MX Player Codec

Now, First Download done after you needs to install, check below steps that is very simple for MX Player Codec File install.

Step 1: First, move to download files to phone.

Step 2: After, you have the zip file in internal storage after then keep it.

Step 3: Then, open the MX player.

Step 4: After it is compatible with codec pack you have installed.

Step 5: Now, it will automatically to install the codec pack search in the storage.

Step 6: You tap to ok.

Step 7: After, you need to App restart.

Step 8: Done.

Now, you use also Other method to Install MX Player Codec File check Steps

Step 1: First, Open MX Player.

Step 2: After, Go to settings >> decoder >> general >> custom codec.

Step 3: Then, you see dialog box will appear for the navigation of the codec pack.

Step 4: After, open folder you codec pack is installed.

Step 5: Then, You will see the zip file.

Step 6: Tap to it.

Step 7: Done

However, Here install MX Player Codec File, you need to restart after very enjoy to play DTS audio on MX Player. Also you enjoy audio and video clip without any problem.

Final Words

However, above mentioned all Steps for MX Player Codec Download [AC3, MLP DTS Many More Files] (2019-Updtaed) an you read this guide that is very helpful for you.

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