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How to Play MAME 64 Games On Android

All retro gamers know that playing old games is nowadays possible on Android phones. But, what about MAME 64 games? They can also be played on any smartphone but the process is slightly more complicated. Luckily for you, we already did this so many times so we can guide you through the process. It will take you a few minutes and a bit of patience.

Download the emulator

To play MAME games you still need emulator if you want to do it on a PC or in this case Android. At first sight, there is a lot of software you can use for this purpose. But, if you take a deep look, you will see that there is just one option. The emulator you will need is called MAME4Droid. It is actually a ported version of the same emulator for iOS devices but it runs well and there are no major issues. There are two versions of this emulator. If you have a newer Android device and you want to play newer MAME games, you will need a newer version. The older one is reserved for old Android phones and can be used for older games of this kind.

Download the emulator and install it. Once you are done, you will have to reset the device so it generates the /ROMs/MAME4Droid/ folder, a place where all the games will be placed.

Download the ROMs

A ROM is a game that is ported or better said copied in such format that an emulator can open it and allow you to play it. There are a million ROMs out there but for this purpose, we will refer only to the MAME 64 Games.

So, the next step is to find all the games you like and download them. Use a PC or your computer simply because it makes this much easier. Place them in one folder and when you are done, transfer the files to the Android smartphone. As we have mentioned earlier, transfer them to the /ROMs/MAME4Droid/ folder.

The emulator and the ROM are compatible however there is a difference. An older emulator is designed for older games while a newer uses newer games.

How to Play MAME 64 Games On Android

Load games

Now you should go to the emulator and simply load any game you wish to play. The game will start immediately and you will have controls in the lower part of the screen. The emulator will change that depending on the phone orientation. You can change this in the settings menu. Once done or if you want to load another game, simply repeat the process.

Try to remember that the emulator can be minimized but it will remain active. It will run in the background. To prevent this from happening, you have to click EXIT once you are done with playing. Only then, the app is completely closed and it won’t mess with your use.

At this point, we can add that the emulator does support controllers. You can install them accordingly and you can make your own arcade machine. The process is the same with tablets but you do get a bigger screen. Once done, you will have the ability to enjoy as much as possible.


To complete this process, you will need around 10 minutes. If you are lucky and there are no bugs of any kind, you will need 5 minutes. Don’t be afraid of exploring and trying new things. All of this is 100% safe for your device and there are no complications. The best part is the fact now you can play all the games you like instantly.

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