So you created a Facebook group and you added some members. But now you want some Facebook team participation ideas, because your new team needs some activities to keep growing. This is the most important part of having a Facebook group because people won’t join if they won’t find something useful and they won’t see the Facebook community actively participating.

What does it mean to work on Facebook?

I wrote this question in this way, because if we’re talking about Facebook page subscriptions, Facebook personal page subscriptions or Facebook group subscriptions, it doesn’t matter – they are all the same.

A follower or member of the participation is a user who performs the following three actions:

Respond to posts; share posts; comment on posts.

This is the basic knowledge of Facebook.

An engagement post on Facebook now means creating a clearly appealing goal . This is not difficult, right? When you need to participate in the idea, the tricky part comes. Because you can’t just think of random things posted on Facebook.

Benefits of publishing to Facebook groups*

*I am referring to the posts of the participating groups

I am thinking about this question: how to increase the participation of Facebook groups or how to increase the participation of Facebook groups ?

As I mentioned in previous articles (found that they are mentioned here , here and here ), the Facebook group with niche does help with communication . why? Because only someone will really be interested in your group topic. They will want to talk about their ideas, share their stories, and ask questions. This should / will happen naturally, but sometimes they need some help. This is where you, the administrator is involved.

As an administrator, you should be there for your members, help them if they need it and make them feel comfortable in your team. You should create some appointments for your members to keep the team growing.

Another benefit is that people really want to share your team with friends or acquaintances . Your team will have new members that are quickly integrated. And your niche will remain a niche.

If you sell something, the participating members are also great . People usually don’t like being convinced to buy things. It would be better:

Provide members with high quality content; involve your members in other positions that don’t tell them to buy; help your members when needed; be part of your team, not just administrators or sellers.

Your members will gain confidence and trust you. Therefore, you do not need to sell your product clearly. Your above behavior and your good content will sell your product .

Almost everyone says that a participating Facebook community is the way to sell successfully.

Create a participating post

The most important things you should consider are:

The theme of your group; your audience in terms of what they like, how they act/react, how they behave.

If your team is about cats, don’t start creating posts about dogs. It definitely won’t work, or it will work in the opposite way. When you want to create some serious posts, try to keep the theme of your group.

Of course, you can consider general positions and you can use them at any time. They can be fun, stories, questions and more. I will provide some specific examples.

As far as your audience is concerned, you must accept that you cannot please everyone . If an article has some negative effects, stay calm and try to find out why your members don’t like it. After that, apologize and try makeup.

In addition, you should have an eagle eye . Always read their comments, see their reactions, and pay attention to their behavior . It can be viewed whenever a member posts content or when you do anything. Test it and analyze the results. You will see that you will get better and your future participation will be better.

How do I use a participating post in a group?

This is an interesting part. We are all trapped in certain things. You are now stuck on the idea of ​​the Facebook community, which is why you are eager to find ideas.

As I said before, you should consider the behavior of your audience and the theme of your group. With regard to this topic, the contact ideas of these Facebook groups are general and can be used for most types of groups. You only need to choose the one that suits your audience. If you choose a poorly performing Facebook posting idea, you can say for sure that you have already tried it. You must try again.

It might be a good idea to take advantage of each day of the week and create a label for it. For example #motivationalThursday.

Use any of the following topics to organize this week’s group participation post.

I will give you an idea of ​​how your weekly participation in the group position should be. Remember, this is just a suggestion! Feel free to post any engagement positions you want and feel free to adapt to their niche.

Only need to be proactive every day, create some routines in a few weeks or months, and you will find that your members will start to participate more and more. And, most importantly, they will see you care about them, not just selling your products. Trusting you and believing that your content is a great help for selling your product, maybe the best.

Use the hashtag for each type of participating post so your members can easily find them.

After publishing this small week, you will find ideas for 45 Facebook group partnerships.

Participate in the post on Monday

Almost everyone will write a quote that motivates Monday, but why not? I mean I know there will be some sadness and some “Oh, not again”, but the weekend has just passed. From the beginning of the week, help your members laugh.

Do Monday Funday engagement posts and help your members overcome the grief that started this week. Yes, if you work in a field you like, you shouldn’t have this feeling. At least not often. But let us assume that these days exist.

You can post any jokes you want to a fun selfie. You will find that you will increase the participation of the post, and you may become someone who helps people produce this week.

Tuesday’s participation in the group

The fun day passed and the ice was broken. Now your members will be able to share things, situations or simple facts more easily.

That’s why you can use Tuesday as a day to “know each other” . It is believed that publishing such participation content allows you to find a lot of information about your members. You will find valuable knowledge of them that will help you personalize your content and improve your Facebook marketing strategy.

Wednesday’s Facebook post idea

This is half a working day during the day. Some people may be tired of it now, which is why you should post some inspiring Wednesday engagement posts .

There for your members, help them provide some extra energy for the rest of the week. Encourage them by challenging them to write anything that is stimulating.

Thoughts on participating in the post on Thursday

The “  throwing” trend is a good choice for your group’s post. So why not combine it with Thursday and be more fashionable?

This type of Facebook engagement post can be both fun and serious. From the year the member was born, any cool song from childhood to inspiration can be a great way to increase Facebook participation.

Ideas for Facebook posts on Friday

As the weekend approaches, you can use Friday as a shared care day . People will like to participate in posts that let them share what they know. It can be a great city break tip, they read or plan to read good books, some good recipes they find online, and many more.

Considering that this will be a Friday engagement post, your members can try many shared ideas, suggestions and tips on the weekend.

You can even extend this topic to Saturday or Sunday and ask if they have tried some of the ideas put forward by a group of colleagues.

Participate in the post on Saturday

This is a long week. Why don’t you start your day in some relaxed way ? Everyone can share their plans on weekends, share where they are right at the moment, or share the way they relax.

In addition, you can extend the idea of ​​this Facebook engagement post and tell people to post some selfies as a response to their favorite ideas. In this way, the person who posted the idea will see if someone accepts their suggestion and is using this way of relaxation.

Sunday post idea

Your team welcomes new members throughout the week. That’s why you should use Sunday as a welcome day for new members . After this day, they will be able to participate in the group’s participating positions. What does this mean for you? This means you will have new members to join.

46 Facebook groups to participate in the post

We have arrived! You can get inspired from this article, you can use them, whether you like it or according to your group topic/type.

Fun group release ideas

Name something that starts with a specific letter – think about anything of type and let the member tell them to write something that starts with the letter of your choice. For example, “name the brand that begins with the letter “c”;

How was your Friday night ? Some people go out and some stay at home. Tell your members to describe their Friday night (or any other day) in a single gif, or use a small amount of emoji or words;

What is your stage name?  – Add images of words (nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc.) in the same field. Use the alphabet to write a word next to each letter. Of course, you can consider other names that your members can create;

Tell your favorite TV show with emojis  – it’s a very simple thing, but it will definitely take advantage of the creativity of your members. You can let them write their favorite songs, favorite movies or other things in this way;

Click “Paste” in the comments  – Dare to let your members click Paste in the comments and be funny about anything that appears in the comments;

Describe your career  – Emojis can be used for almost anything, including describing your work. Your members can also describe what they do to make a living in an interesting, unexpected way. Again, mix with their creativity!

Share the most s Snapchat’s Snapchat or Instagram filters  – almost everyone will use interesting filters at some point, so why not share a selfie with others? It can be very interesting;

What is your favorite emoji, why do you use it?  – Again emojis, but they are so versatile. Many users think that an emoji is used to something completely different from creating it. Find out what they are for!

Use your name letter to create a sentence  – first or last name, and ask your members to participate by challenging them to create a sentence using the letters of all their names;

Share the most interesting jokes you know  – let them laugh

Review team position ideas on Thursday

Share photos/titles/songs of your birth year  – a good way to explore the past, maybe discuss some of the issues later; share the books you read a few years ago  – no matter what time span is right for you, use it and find out Some old books that your members read; who inspired you during your childhood, and why?  – Go down the memory lane and touch your members’ feelings by asking them about this type of problem. Of course, you can make any part of their life.

“Understanding each other” Facebook team’s participation ideas

Share your favorite places  – find one of the things they like by asking them a simple question; where do you live?

Share photos  – they don’t have to tell the group about their place, but they can share some photos of their city;now share a photo from your window – maybe your team has members in different time zones, so it will be very interesting.

Favorite food or dish  – who didn’t? Maybe other members will find some inspiration. And members from different countries can also raise the level of “fun”;

Favorite person, why?  – Can be celebrities, family, colleagues. Touching some feelings is a good part of the engagement; rainy or sunny days  – everyone can find inspiration from this engagement post!

The first thing you do in the morning – some of your members have routines that can benefit others. Let them share this! How do you relax?  – Someone may be sleeping, someone may be cooking, or may not find the perfect way to relax.

This article will definitely help him find some inspiration. You can’t do without it…  Let your team members complete this sentence. Finding things they can’t have will be very interesting. Is this their mobile phone? Start your favorite activities from a young age  – this will help people see how the generations change, because your group will have members of different ages; the last TV show you watched  – another great inspiration for other members; welcome new Members  – Let them add something interesting/funny about them in the comments, or just something they are proud of; what have you done today?  – Food is life, so why not be funny on some pictures of the recipe? Name your favorite writing theme  – Every content writer has his or her favorite theme, and this Facebook engagement post is great for finding ideas and discussing them more; naming the topics you want to write, but never No  – this article can appeal to other members – they provide some feedback on the topic, some other ideas, the author can get trust writing.

“Share is a concern” to participate in the post idea

The best book  – one day, you can ask for the best personal development team, and one day you can ask the best fiction book they have ever read. This contact group post can create a great “read club”!

The best tools or the best apps  – we all have one (or many) apps and we found them to be very useful or interesting. But maybe not everyone has heard of it, so let your members share them!

Vacation Tips  – Travel is now very simple, everyone can use some tips about places, cities, reservations, etc. Where to buy specific products  – let your members share the products they searched for but didn’t find it. Or let them share some online discounts;

New products that you find and love  – people occasionally find products they want to tell everyone, so give them this opportunity;

Sharing life  – these can really appeal to your group because they are useful to everyone;

Tips about something  – this is a bit similar to life cracking, but this engagement post involves tips for everything from objects to countries.

Inspiring or inspiring quotes  – you can find out what will keep your members going;

thank…?  – You can ask your members to write down their gratitude on a certain day or in general;

3 things you use for vacation, travel, morning, etc. – Another great tip and trick to participate in the post, people will like it;

The best Instagram / Facebook / Twitter account pictures, food, travel, fashion, etc. – Inspiration is the key to life, so everyone must have a favorite account, they look at a specific thing; your favorite What is vlogger? – You can divide the idea of ​​this engagement post into several topics. Ask your members to tell their favorite YouTube video player on different YouTube sites: learning, coding, fashion, dress up, etc.

Inspire the idea of ​​Facebook team participation

What makes you start/do something  – help them push them to think and share why they don’t do something? Maybe other members will help them; the topics you want to know more about  – attracting your members by letting them admit that they want to know more about a topic; what mistakes they make  – everyone must make mistakes from others Learning, why not help your members share their mistakes?

You can also start a discussion and invite your members to participate in different topics that you or they know. Maybe they read an article and they want to find more opinions. Or they read it in a book about the specific situation.

Still, keep your Facebook group marketing high by communicating with your members every day! SirsatSocial mediaSo you created a Facebook group and you added some members. But now you want some Facebook team participation ideas, because your new team needs some activities to keep growing. This is the most important part of having a Facebook group because people won't join if they won't find something useful and they...