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How to Download Photos, Stories and Videos from Instagram

The number of people using Instagram is increasing rapidly. There are many people all over the world, whose day is not complete without using it. Users spend a lot of their time watching videos, stories and photos on Instagram and want to download them on their smartphones, but they do not know the way. If you are such users, then you can download photos and videos by the methods described here.

How to download videos and photos in bulk

If you want to download lots of photos and videos on both macOS and window 10, then for this you have to install Google Chrome.

  1. Open Google Chrome first. Then go to Extensions and install Download for Instagram Direct Message. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/downloader-for-instagram/olkpikmlhoaojbbmmpejnimiglejmboe
  2. After this, open Instagram in a new tab. Now go to the account from which to download photos and videos.
  3. After that, tap on the download button given on them and save them.

Get help from ingramer.com

  1. First, go to Ingramer.com. Tap on the Instagram downloader option provided in the home page tools. Now open the account you want to download the photo from on the Instagram app.
  2. After that the photo to be downloaded. Copy the link by tapping on the three dots above it.
  3. After that, come back to Ingramer.com and paste the link in the blank space provided for the download photo.

This method is only for computers.

How to download videos and photos from socialdown.com

To download photos and videos, go to www.socialdown.com. After this, put the link of the photo or video in the search box on the home page and tap on the Go button. Then tap on the download button given on the photo.

Download stories from storysaver.net

You can adapt this method to both computers and mobile phones. Please tell it is only for downloading stories.

Under this, first, go to storysaver.net. Now enter the username in the search box and tap on the button given for download.

Now scroll down and tap on the Save Edge video on the story you want to download.

Now that story will be saved in your device.

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