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HideMyAss vs Avast VPN, What’s The Difference?

Both VPN are excellent companies, but it is typical to choose among them. HideMyAss is one of the leading VPN suppliers available, offering an odd number of servers. It is a decent decision for those hoping to appreciate outright freedom in perusing, streaming, and downloading. Avast VPN is a VPN supplier that works 27 servers in 19 world nations. It brings you significant level encryption, better than expected speed, and incredible generally speaking execution. It permits P2P sharing and counteracts IP and DNS leaks. Both VPN are used by users. Let’s see the functionality and features for both VPN one by one.


HideMyAss VPN Software is a result of AVG Technologies, one of the most prominent antivirus merchants in the world. In this manner, HideMyAss profits by AVG Technologies” 25+ long years of experience gaining practical experience in security programming. HMA VPN guarantees their protection through its robust encryption. In this way, clients can approach their online organizations unafraid of malicious attacks. HMA VPN additionally gives security to its clients outside of their homes. This implies the application scrambles a client’s information thoroughly, particularly when they are associated with open hotspots or unbound systems.

The installation of this VPN is quite simple. With only a single click, HideMyAss can be installed on any PC, both on Mac and on PC, and starts right away. Both experts and beginners can do the utilization of HideMyAss. Directly after opening the VPN programming with only a single click on the icon, you enter your username and password you got from HideMyAss while purchasing the VPN. Learn more about hidemyass with this in-depth review.

HMA VPN allows its clients around the world with quick and unhampered connection speeds. Due to its global system, individuals can accelerate their associations with programmed choice of the swiftest server accessible.


  • Hidden Identity
  • All-access
  • Secure connections
  • Employee security
  • Software and web testing
  • Encrypted connection
  • Kill switch
  • Split tunneling
  • 760 servers in 190 countries

Supported Devices

  • Windows
  • OS X
  • Linux
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Router

Avast VPN

Avast is an ultra-secure, all-around virtual private network customer originating from Avast. The application scrambles a client’s association with only a single click to give them an inside and out protection in their Mac and Windows machines, and Android and iOS gadgets.

With Avast VPN, clients can appreciate total online opportunities unafraid of hackers attacking their privacy through open Wi-Fi, promoters observing and adapting their moves. Besides, Avast VPN gives unbelievable association speeds through various servers from everywhere throughout the world for clients to carry out their responsibilities quickly or peruse content on the web consistently.

VPN Avast is a virtual private network that secures your Internet association by utilizing an encrypted tunnel by hiding your whole area and keep you from tuning in to your online activities on open Wi-Fi systems and unbound systems. To use this VPN administration, you should download and introduce the Avast VPN software. You don’t have to adhere to these establishment directions if you are utilizing Avast Antivirus on your PC because the VPN is now introduced as a feature of the program.

With Avast VPN, clients never again need to stress over anybody snooping at their online movement, be they bosses, sponsors, government offices, or even their own ISPs. They should simply click one button and their online activities, the sites they visit or projects they use, and DNS are secured. This allows them to do anything they desire on the web and access content that would have been cut off to them.


  • Open-source privacy protection
  • 256-Bir AES Encryption
  • Single Shared IP Address
  • Public Hotspot Safety
  • DNS leak protection
  • Content Unblocking
  • P2P Support

Available Devices

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone and IPad
  • Mac

VPN encodes your information, even before your Internet Service Provider or the café Wi-Fi supplier sees it. The information at that point goes to the VPN, and from the VPN server to your online goal — anything from your bank site to a video sharing site to a web crawler. The online destination sees your data as originating from the VPN server and its location, and not from your PC and your location. Learn more on hidemyass with this in-depth review.

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