Almost everyone you know has a Facebook account. It could be a personal or business account. Either way, it is being used to send and receive messages, among other activities. Sometimes, what is posted in those accounts may lead to questioning.

The problem is that even if your question, you may not get the full details. That is where the need to hack the FB account arises. Here, we will show you how to reach the password-protected account.

The user will not know about it, and you will not need their phone or tablet to see the results.

Part 1: Hack Someone’s Facebook Account with Spyic

The Spyic monitoring tool is one of the solutions you need to consider for successful hacking. It’s an app that has more than 30 hacking features on it. Among them is the Facebook and Facebook Lite specifications under the Social Media feature.

Spyic can hack both FB versions in less than five minutes and deliver the results remotely. When hacking, you get every message that was posted, the contact details, and the timestamps. If you think you are not getting everything, there is another way out.

This solution can also hack the user’s account authentication details. It has the keylogger feature for that purpose. It’s also what allows you to see what was typed in the targeted FB account.

To use Spyic, you need to set it up on the targeted phone. It can hack in both Android and iOS platforms without any rooting or jailbreaking. It has the cutting edge technologies that do not need such tricks to proceed.

In Android, you need to install the tiny app once on the targeted phone. It uses stealth mode to hide the icon after installation, and you have to activate it before you finish up. In iOS, you only require the iCloud ID when hacking a Facebook account using Spyic.

So, for Apple devices, there is no download or installation needed. After acquiring it, the data is available in your account, which you can access online. The results will be on a dashboard that is fully compatible with all browsers.

That allows you to login using any device with an internet connection. The data you hack is always protected from unauthorized access. What Spyic does is sync the information upon login. So, nothing is stored when you log out after checking on the updates.

If you want to start hacking the targeted FB account right away, here are the steps to get you started.

Part 2: How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Account Remotely

What You Need

  • For Android, get the targeted phone to install Spyic on it. Make sure it has OS version 4.0 and above.
  • For Apple devices, get the target’s iCloud login details. The iOS version should be 7.0 or later
  • Internet connection
  • Email address

Steps to Start Hacking Facebook

Step 1: Open your browser and visit Spyic website. Register an account there using your email address and a password. Next, select the targeted phone’s OS to see the available options.

Step 2: Choose a plan and proceed to make the payment. You will immediately receive an email confirming your transaction. In Android, it will have a download link.

Step 3: For Android, use the sent link to install Spyic on the culprit’s phone. Make sure you activate stealth mode to hide the app’s icon. After that, finish up the installation and access your account remotely.

Step 4: In iOS, after the email, login to your account and verify the iCloud credentials. Next, select the device you want to hack and wait for the syncing.

Step 5: Once you get back your account, you will see the dashboard. It will have features on the left menu.

To hack Facebook in Android, go to Social Media, and locate ‘Facebook’ or ‘Facebook Lite.’ Click on them depending on what the target is using to see the activities.

In iOS, go to installed applications and locate the FB or FB Lite application. Click on it to see what Spyic has fetched.

To get the username and password, click on keylogger and locate the Facebook icon. Click on it to see the recorded keystrokes. Among them will be the authentication details.

Part 3: Advantages of Using Spyic to Hack Someone’s Facebook Account

Once you choose Spyic, here is what you will realize:

  1. Quick setup: Spyic takes less than five minutes to acquire and hack the targeted Facebook account.
  2. Safeness: It does not require any rooting or jailbreaking to hack Facebook
  3. Stealth mode: Spyic will hide after installation in Android. In iOS, it will hack via iCloud, which means the target will not know.
  4. Real-time results: You get to see the updates as soon as they happen. No delay whatsoever.
  5. Reliability: Spyic does not drain the battery when hacking Facebook. In Android, it occupies less than 2MB.
  6. Remote uninstallation: If you don’t need Spyic anymore, you can remove it from the targeted phone via the online control panel.


Now, you have a solution to use on your target when hacking the Facebook account remotely. Spyic is recommendable since it does not involve rooting/jailbreaking. The hacking results are always in your online account.

Therefore, you will get everything your target is doing remotely without their knowledge. If you have any questions before deploying Spyic, feel free to hit the comment box below. SirsatHack & securityHow to Hack Facebook,How to hack facebook account,How to Hack Someone's Facebook,How to Hack Someone's Facebook Account,How to Hack Someone's Facebook Account Remotely,Spyic monitoring toolAlmost everyone you know has a Facebook account. It could be a personal or business account. Either way, it is being used to send and receive messages, among other activities. Sometimes, what is posted in those accounts may lead to questioning. The problem is that even if your question, you...