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10 Top Sites Like goATDee [2019]


Sites Like goATDee that are very useful for watching live sports channel in the USA location. This website provides its users with free videos of news and other sports highlights. goATDee has a very user-friendly interface, and every…

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2019 most popular mobile phone list

Mobile phones in modern society have become the most important tools for people. They help people solve problems such as food, clothing, housing and transportation. They are the most powerful helpers for human beings. And the brands and models…

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How to choose WLAN speakers? Then look at their connectivity to stereo.

When you are looking for the right Wi-Fi speakers, you will find many new problems. To this end, Technowalla here gives you some options for WLAN multi-room stereo settings. Sonos One and Play: 1 Sonos OneandPlay: Two almost identical…

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11 top JavaScript calendar plugins

top JavaScript calendar plugins

The calendar is an important part of our lives. In today’s world, people mostly use web or mobile calendars. They are found everywhere, including in a variety of software: booking applications, travel software, project management, management panels, and more. Users…

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Everyone nowadays wants to build their own applications and softwares. But for that they have to learn how to code . Now the main problem arises , That from  where should they start? Which language to learn first…

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What are the best iOS App Marketing Services of 2019

In the case of mobile applications, marketing plays a vital role in spreading awareness and promoting the brand to the target audience. This is one of the main reasons why online business and app owners need to hire…

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5 Top Free Movie Sites like PrimeWire [2019]

sites like PrimeWire

Sites like PrimeWire comes to best stream movies online, if you want to use “sites like PrimeWire” also this comes to free movie streaming sites for you to find new releases to watch online. PrimeWire are comes to…

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JavaScript advanced question list

1. What is the output? function sayHi() { console.log(name) console.log(age) var name = ‘Lydia’ let age = 21 } sayHi() A: Lydiaandundefined B: LydiaandReferenceError C: ReferenceErrorand21 D: undefinedandReferenceError Answer: D Inside the function, we first varkeyword to declare a namevariable. This means that the variables…

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26 selected JavaScript interview questions

Q1: What is the type conversion in JavaScript? Topic: JavaScript  Difficulty: 0 In JavaScript, the conversion between two different types is called coercion. There are two forms in JavaScript: display conversion and implicit conversion. The following is an example of…

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