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8 android apps that simplify the transition from sofa to classroom

Labor Day is less than a month, which means it is time to prepare for the new school year. This is a list of educational Android apps that should be useful to most students.

As we enter the 2019/2020 school year, it is important to look to the future. There is no doubt that the future of everything is artificial intelligence. The difference between this year’s app and last year is that almost all new apps include AI features.

Android apps for student

Intelligent learning program

This AI-driven planning program arranges all the learning courses for you, because machines are better than humans in terms of time management. It’s actually very intuitive and it will take into account your preferences. It’s not the most powerful planner we’ve ever seen, but it works offline and doesn’t require registration. Also, it’s free – although it does show ads. 


This app uses computer vision – you can learn in our beginner AI guide – and your device’s camera scan math problem and then teach you how to solve it with step-by-step instructions. It supports a myriad of different problem types, including algebra, geometry, scores, and graphics.

HiPER Scientific Calculator

During the test and testing, you may not be allowed to use AI to solve the problem, so here is a scientific calculator that contains all the features of the physical device, without huge price tags. The free version comes with most of the features you need, but for calculating the details, you will need to pay $3.49 to get the full version.

Listen to songs

This year’s return is this excellent language learning app. If you are studying a foreign language course, studying abroad, or just want to simplify your application or resume, then this is your application. Unlike many other language tutors, it’s free and it’s actually fun to use.

Duolingo’s Tinycards

For some strange reason, it is difficult to find a good flash card application. Fortunately, the people behind Duolingo seem to recognize this and they made Tinycards. You can create your own flash card set, or you can download one flash card from thousands of flash cards, and the application can process the remaining flash cards. It’s intuitive and easy to use, and it’s completely free.

Khan Academy

For those returning to school, we don’t usually recommend apps like schools, but Khan Academy is very special. The company that made it owned Eric Schhmidt of Microsoft’s Bill Gates Alphabet (Google’s parent company) as a member of the advisory board. With this app, you will be able to test and test on almost any topic and research tens of thousands of topics. This is a good way to supplement education or prepare for the next lesson. There is also a children’s college.


There are many mind mapping applications on the market, and in most cases, finding the most effective application is a matter of personal preference. Mindly, a review of the applications we mentioned, is a better one for solo brainstorming – the perfect big writing project.


Headspace is one of the most popular meditation classes. Almost everyone can benefit from the daily mindfulness process (I did). If you haven’t started yet, the fall semester seems to be any good time. Starting your first class with a clear mind and a sense of purpose will definitely not affect your chances of achieving your academic goals.

Since we can’t include all the educational apps in this list, we hope you can tell us what you like best in the comments below.

Have a safe and productive school year!

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