How to Add Strikethrough in Google docs? [Easy Method 2019]

Strikethrough In Google Docs: This time most of user use for Google docs also many people not understand for what does the term Strikethrough means. But I explain to very easy method, you read below Article. Strikethrough are simple for crossed out representation of texts right through the center without affect readability that is simple meaning.

However, your mind one question likes what is its significance? That is about the situation where typewriters and other non-erasable text printing machines only mean of typing. Also not able to erase it and the only possible to cross the mistaken letter using the “Strikethrough Google Docs” that is best thing for you.

How to Add Strikethrough in Google docs? [Easy Method 2019]

Strikethrough Google Docs

Now, Google docs are available many features also sharing is easy in Google Docs. Check below steps to add strikethrough in Google Docs check now.

Step 1: First, Need to select the portion of text you want to add strikethrough effect.

Step 2: After click on Format.

Step 3: after, click on Text.

Step 4: After, you see formatting options.

Strikethrough Google Docs

Step 5: Then, you need to select the Strikethrough.

Step 6: After, Selected text is changed to strikethrough.

Step 7: Done.

However, you considered one thing like Google Docs supports many Keyboard shortcodes like Mac Computer: ⌘+Shift+X also Windows Computer: Alt+Shift+5 that shortcodes you saved your devices.

Now, Some Mac users are change key features for accessibility and swap the feature of ⌘ and option key. So if you have such settings, please use the right keys for strikethrough in Macbook that is best for you for Strikethrough Google Docs.

Final Words

However, above mentioned all Steps for How to Add Strikethrough in Google docs and you read and follow above steps that are best for you.

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